American Legation
                         Cairo, Egypt,  November 14, 1940


From:   Lieutenant Commander John N. Opie, 3rd, U.S.N.,
             Assistant Naval Attache, London

To  :   Chief of Naval Operations
             Office of Naval Intelligence,
                  Navy Department,

Subject:  British Attack on Taranto on the Night of
                   11/12 November 1940.

Enclosures:  A - Sketch
             B - ILLUSTRIOUS Report of Attack

The following observations supplement the enclosed report:

1.  Previous Training:

    Night attacks were made on Rhodes, Leros and Tobruk
    as well as a torpedo and bombing attack on Benghazi.
    The pilots were therefore reasonably experienced in
    night flying.

    In addition several practice torpedo attacks were
    made on the British Fleet while at sea.

    A study was made of excellent air photos of ships,
    nets, defenses and harbor of Taranto.

2.  Material:

    The torpedoes were set to a depth of 33 feet with a
    run of about 3,000 yards at 27 knots. The duplex
    pistol, instead of arming itself after 400 yards of
    run, was set to arm itself at 260 yards. Each torpedo
    plane carried one 18-inch 1600-lb. torpedo and one
    flare. Each bomber carried six 250-lb. SAP bombs and
    one flare. Each flare dropper carried four 250-lb.
    SAP bombs and 16 flares.

                                         3.  Instructions