From: Jorge Rivera 
Subject: Re: 
Date: August 14, 2005 8:06:11 PM GMT+02:00 
To: Giovanni Volpi 

Dear Giovanni, 
Ambassador Grew'stelephone log confirms and proves that there was direct and personal communication between my father and 
himself. The call of January 7th, 1941 may or may not have had a connection with the later meeting they had on January 26th, 1941. 
It also casts further doubt on those "versions" of events which refer to important information being passed to a Mr. Bishop in a 
Tokyo Bank and that the information was not received by Mr. Grew personally but instead by Mr. Crocker, another Embassy official. 
Best regards, 

Giovanni Volpi wrote: 
Dear Jorge, 
According to Grew's retyped telephone log either he called your 
father or was called by him 7 January 1941.