Lima, 1st August 2005

Mr. Giovanni Volpi

Via Facsimile + 39 041 XXXXXXX

Dear Giovanni,

Yes, I can confirm that according to what I clearly recall of my father's narration of the events of early 1941, he did indeed go and visit Ambassador Joseph C. Grew at the U.S. Embassy residence on January 26, 1941 where they met and discussed this very important and confidential information my father had gathered. My father would not have passed on this information, in person, to anybody else other than his colleague and hierarchical counterpart in Tokyo: the U.S. Ambassador. He believed that he was acting as a representative of a country that was a neighbour, friend and ally of the United States and that it was therefore his duty to pass on this information which was of enormous importance to the security of this country and to its position and policy during the Second World War.

With regard to this interview from 1949 published in “El Comercio”, I have read it before and it is accurate. My mother in her later interview with yourself in London refers to Professor “Hoshi” as the other reliable source of the information and perhaps she was confused with the phonetic similarity of “Yoshida”.

I hope that this additional information and clarification will be of help in your studies and research.

Yours sincerely,


Jorge Rivera Schreiber