"A good many of the diplomatic representatives of the countries
that had severed relations with Japan were to remain an addi-
tional six months in Tokyo awaiting the arrangements being
negotiated by the United States regarding their repatriation.  
Then they boarded the Japanese ship ASAMA-MARU in Yokohama.
Since the Minister of Peru was on the same ship as Ambassador
Grew, he did not hesitate to point out to the latter that the
events had occurred in exactly the same way as he had reported
to him in January of 1941, to which Mr. Grew, visibly unmoved,
replied, 'Yes indeed, lamentably so; but what you reported to me
was conveyed by me the same day to my Government.'10/

"During the entire voyage he11/ kept completely silent on this
delicate matter while Dr. Rivera Schreiber adhered to his lofty
idea of being under the international obligation of friendship
between his country and the United States, for he felt that his
information -- from the moment he had entrusted it to Mr. Grew --
belonged to the American Government and that it played an impor-
tant part in its military and domestic policy.  The Peruvian
Foreign Office, which in due course had received the report on
its Minister's interview in Tokyo with Mr. Grew, maintained the
same lofty attitude and has done so until now.

"The years which have elapsed, Mr. Grew's memoirs, and all the
publications which have appeared about the attack on Pearl Harbor
now allow a change to be made in the discreet stand of the former
Peruvian Minister in Tokyo and call for a rectification.  And this
is the first time that it is being made public that on January 26,
1941, the American Ambassador in Tokyo was personally warned by
the Peruvian Minister, Dr. Rivera Schreiber, on the strength of
precise information, that the Japanese air force would attack the
naval base at Pearl Harbor.  American public opinion will surely
realize the importance of this historic clarification."

                               /s/ Teresa K. de Rivera Schreiber
                                  TERESA KROLL DE RIVERA SCHREIBER

                               /s/ C. Richardson          
                                   Cecil St. Clair Richardson

                                         Consul General
                                             of the
                                   United States of America

10/  Tr.:  Supra, 4.

11/  Tr.:  Presumably referring to Ambassador Grew.