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Telegram #125, 27 January 1941, from Grew to Department of State.
Scan of the original file and its paraprhase, with transcripts. Click on thumbnails to zoom.

Telegram #125 Paraphrase
Telegram #125 thumb Telegram #125 paraphrase thumb
Transcript: html - pdf. Transcript: html - pdf.

Legend for telegram 125.
zoom on stamp of telegram 125Identifying the initials on the octagonal stamp from top left clockwise:

George Atcheson, Jr., a China officer who became Political Advisor to General MacArthur in Tokyo. Killed in B-17 crash on trip from Washington, August 20, 1947.
Cabot Coville, Japanese specialist who resigned over Sept. 13 Memorandum, recanted, and was in the Philippines when the attack occurred. Resigned from Foreign Service in early fifties and became socially active with Grew for a number of years. Died in the seventies.
Frank A. Schuler, Jr.
Joseph W. Ballantine, Japanese specialist. Ironically, he became an Advisor, International Prosecution Section, Allied Military Tribunal for the Far East, 1946. Deceased.
Walter Adams, China officer.
Ray Mackay, administrative officer.
Stanley K. Hornbeck, an avid collector of degrees, was a departmental officer and eventually adviser on the Far East to Secretary of State Hull. He never served in the Far East.
Typed by Ruth Kelley [later in '41 transferred to the Tokyo Embassy], except for the word "mass", typed-in with a different typewriter in what appears to be bold (typewriters did not have bold at the time, which shows it just was another machine), shortly after Dec. 7, 1941, presumably by Helen N. Shaffer, on order of Joseph Ballantine.
R. Kelley's initials are in the 'Copies in paraphrase...' stamp.

Missing are the initials of Maxwell Hamilton, Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs.

Note by Olive Schuler about telegram 125.
The missing stamp on telegram 125
Transcript: "This stamp is missing from this document. Hull never saw it. See Exhibit 4 for sample."
The double oval of the Secr. of State's stamp can also be found on the Hoover/Berle letter.