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September 2
Adm. Edwin Layton... Describes an incident that occurred in the wardroom of the U.S.S. South Dakota on the night of the Japanese surrender ceremony in Tokyo bay, he wrote: "[...] From the manner he (Turner) entered the wardroom that evening, it was evident that he was stoked up. "Did you see the navy department's release about the findings of the Pearl Harbor court of inquiry?" he demanded, his booming voice stopping all conversation. "They said that goddamned Kimmel had all the information and didn't do anything about it. They should hang him higher that a kite!"
Turner continued to hold forth. Time and again he said, "Kimmel was given all that information and didn't do anything about it..."
I sat there stunned. I knew that what he was saying was not only untrue, but a monstrous slur of my former commander-in-chief... Having been Admiral Kimmel's fleet intelligence officer on 7 December 1941, and having testified at all but one of the secret wartime inquiries into Pearl Harbor, I knew that Turner's bald assertions were scandalously untrue. (Beach, p. 79)