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January 20
The Soviet journal Literaturnaya Gazeta publishes an article on Sorge entitled "The Man Who Never Knew Enough". The author said of Sorge and of spying: "A spy is above all a man of politics, who must be able to grasp, analyze and connect in his mind events which seemingly have no connection. He must have the breadth of thought of a historian, the meticulous powers of observation, the spirit and mind of Tolstoy. Espionage is a continuous and demanding labor and the spy forms himself in that process. Least of all was Sorge like those secret agents whom certain Western authors have created. He did not force open safes in order to steal documents: the documents were shown to him by their very owners. He did not fire his pistol to penetrate the places which he had to penetrate: the doors were graciously opened to him by the guardians of the secret. He did not have to kill. But he was murdered by the brutal machinery." (as quoted in Hernon, p. 16)