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February 20
In an interview in the French magazine Paris-Match, General Aleksandr Lebed, former and future Russian Presidential candidate, discusses some of the horrors of Stalin and Communism that took tens of millions of lives. He says, reflecting on his nations self inflicted holocaust, that "there is practically not a family in this country who had not one member imprisoned or shot." (Paris-Match, February 20, 1997)
November 10
Japanese professor Hisaya Shirai announces the existence of a second Soviet Spy Ring in Tokyo during the 1930s. Based on "newly" released information from Russia's formerly secret archives, Hisaya claims that this second group was also sending information to Moscow. The existence of this second spy ring is old news, however. Whittaker Chambers' Witness, published in 1952, discusses this spy ring. So much for the "secrets" of the Russian archives. (See Late 1935 and footnote #70)